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Literally Black

Book Club Read: Trapped by Reese

Book Club Read: Trapped by Reese

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This Box Includes:

  • 1 (ONE) Paperback Copy of Trapped by Reese
  • Literally Black Metal Bookmark
  • Impacted Scents Incense + Holder 
  • State Your Mood Body Scrub
  • State Your Mood Body Oil (or equivalent)
  • Mystery Product that hints at the NEXT Bookclub Read

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Book Synopsis:

Meet the girls: Naomi, Arnya (pronounced Ahn-yah), Stephanie, and Jasmine—four friends who meet during a dreaded group assignment in Freshman Assembly.

Naomi is on the verge of leaning into her adulthood. An only child in a prestigious family, she attempts to break out of her sheltered life to find herself. When love comes knocking in an unconventional way, Naomi has to choose between her traditionally structured upbringing and her carnal desires.

Arnya finds herself living her young adult life grieving the loss of her mother when a chance encounter at a charity event opens the door for romance. Her happily-ever-after approaches destruction when a past lover emerges, threatening to expose the truth about her son.

Stephanie, the former “church kid,” wants nothing more than freedom from her overprotective, saved-and-sanctified grandmother. When a job opportunity of a lifetime falls into her lap, Stephanie finds herself caught up in a web of deceit—and the arms of her boss.

Jasmine is a natural-born hustler. Her ability to read people goes a long way toward getting her into college—and occasionally into trouble. Jasmine is as carefree as she is calculating, and she makes it a point to keep everyone on their toes. The tide shifts in her world when a thoughtless bet nearly costs her a friendship—and her heart.

Join the krewe on this decade-long ride through girls’ trips, family drama, and uncovered secrets that will have you clutching your pearls, in this spicy novel, New Orleans style.

Review from a previous reader: 

You will find you can relate to at least one of the characters in Trapped. Maybe your parents sheltered you from the world, and you have to struggle to find your identity. Welcome to Naomi’s world. Or, maybe you were grew up in the system, feeling as if you had to be in control of everything and you have to wear an armor at all times … defense is the only thing you know. Then Jasmine is your girl. Maybe you can relate with Arnya, who came from a huge loving family. And then there’s Stephanie, raised by your grandma because your parents weren’t around, who only wanted to make Gran proud.

Whether you connect with one of the characters, two, or all, they will pull you into their lives , and before you realize it, you will have completed the novel lusting for more.

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