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Join our thriving community and amplify your brand's reach by contributing your products to our book boxes. With over 70,000 TikTok subscribers, over 1,700 email subscribers, over 5,000 book club members, and a loyal Patreon community, our impact is undeniable. By donating your products and books, you'll not only showcase your brand to an engaged audience but also support Black authors and Black-owned businesses. It's a win-win that makes a powerful statement and unlocks unprecedented exposure for your brand. Be part of our mission today!

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We love that you are interested in featuring your product or book in our book boxes! To submit your product for consideration, please complete the form below with the following details:

  1. A brief introduction about your business.
  2. Description of the product you'd like to include.
  3. Your product's relevance to our mission of promoting Black-owned businesses.

We receive many requests, so please allow some time for us to review and get back to you.

We are always open to donations from other black businesses as well as authors. Please read guidelines at the bottom of the page BEFORE contacting.

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book submission guidelines for our boxes

There are Three(3) ways you can collab with us as an author: Submit your book for consideration for our bi monthly book box, send a copy for Naomi to feature on her social media accounts or as a bonus in a existing box. we do not guarantee that your book will be our book club read of the month unless we expressed that to you.

  • Donation based for the first 3-5 copies (must send at minimum 3-5 copies, we will purchase more as needed. Ex. Say you send 10 books and we sell 25 boxes, we will purchase the remaining 15 books directly from you. We want to put some coins in your pocket too!)
  • Books donated may be used to promote the book in our box across our social media platforms and/or gifted to our Patreon Members.
  • Must be at least 200 pages
  • If you send a book less than the desired amount of pages (200 Pages), it will be added as a bonus book in one of our boxes. A bonus book is simply an extra book that will accompany the featured book and other products in the box.
  • ANY GENRE as long as there’s Black Characters
  • If you submit a coloring book, journal etc, it will be an bonus in the box not the featured book

product submission guidelines

  • When submitting the contact form above, please include your website and what you sell so that we can check out your products to ensure that you are a good fit.
  • Must be small enough to fit in our standard box (12 x 9 x 3 inches)
  • What you send doesn't matter as long as it is created by a Black business
  • If you submit a coloring book, journal etc, it will be an bonus in the box not the featured book
  • We must receive the items before the 20th of every month to be added to the next box.