“Finding My Way Outta Darkness” by Briyanna Michelle - Book Review

I’m going to do this review a little differently than my others because it touched on multiple topics I believe are important for Black women to read in a Black romance novel. Here are the 5 components that I think will make every Black woman appreciate this story.

The Black Woman’s Power - there were a complete interactions with other women in this book that were truly relatable. From the respecting a woman’s hustle to even having to put a woman in her place for trying you, there were moments every female can identify with. You can tell the author was conscious in her writing when two other women were on the page.

The Beautiful Black descriptions - this story is filled with gorgeous characters and Briyanna did not hold back in her appreciation of Black characters. It was refreshing to read a story where the majority of the characters were Black and Brown and described in an appreciative manner.

The Vibes - I’m not sure how you all feel about reading books while listening to music, but this book needs someone background music. The vibes in this story scream R&B! One day I’ll have to ask the author what songs she wrote specific scenes to because some of the conversations or descriptions of the environment/ other characters are dripping in 90s vibes everywhere.

Serious Topics with a proper outcome - This isn’t a regular Black romance. We see our main character Makayla face some tough times throughout the story. From amnesia to depression/ anxiety.  We also get to see her be strong and not allow her situation to prevent her from being positive. This is where the true benefits of reading come from. She’s in therapy, she’s learning to work through her problems with special operative Brian McClain (whom we will definitely get to in a minute) teaching her about God and watching her find the strength to come out of other debacles. Isn’t that what we do as Black women everyday? Putting on brave faces when we have to and melting in the arms of someone we trust later on is an extension of the multitude of hats we have to wear daily.

The Love of a Second Chance - Listen, this man wasn’t giving up on this girl, okay? She tried her best to make him leave her alone but all in all his dedication to seeing her in his arms was all it was going to take. Most importantly he wasn’t stressing about her current situation because he had a plan for that the whole time. He was a man of God who wanted to express love and leadership to Makayla at even given time.


Even though the theme isn’t the happiest, the ending is well worth it. Always be aware of your mental triggers as this book does deal pretty deep in the different levels of abuse in trafficking relationships. Bottom line: if you can read it, do it! It’s a quick one and can still get be added to your reading list for Black History Month and Valentines Month!

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