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Literally Black

Book Club Read: May A Divine Awaken by Michael Tinsley

Book Club Read: May A Divine Awaken by Michael Tinsley

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March Book Club Book: Supporting an indie author by the name of Michael Tinsley


This Box Includes:

  • Paperback Copy of May A Divine Awaken
  • Lemon Pepper Pistachios or Sunflower Seeds by Rebellion Harvest
  • Impacted Scents Room Spray
  • Literally Black Pop Socket
  • Bookmark

Book Synopsis:

Since their inception, Divines have been responsible for protecting eight sacred keys. Keys that if combined will unseal a forbidden relic of omnipotent power known as the Book of Pure. Desperate to claim the book’s power, the King of Aypha devises a sinister plan to eliminate the Divines and obtain the eight keys.

Caught in the middle is Marcus Azure, a young Aypha soldier born with blemished skin marks that leaves him ostracized by his people. When assassins attack his village, Marcus vows to prove himself and sets off on a quest of revenge. But along the way, he encounters Sinclair Bonet, a disgraced queen who reveals to him a powerful secret. She offers to awaken Marcus’s power, but doing so comes at a grave consequence that will force Marcus to either betray his people or advance his king’s mission.

Review from a previous reader: "

This book has a little bit of everything from epic fights, interesting powers, and unique characters all thrown into the vast and magical lands of Pyris. From the mind of an anime watcher the story and fight scenes give me a naruto/claymore type feel. The magical lands of Pyris gives so much interesting creativity that your mind just constantly wonders what secrets and surprises will the next land bring. I really enjoyed the concept of the different lands that have warriors with divine powers that are based off what land they are from (with each warrior having their own unique way of using there powers). If you like to watch anime or just love a good adventure book you are going to want to read this one."

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Customer Reviews

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Creyania Powe
The Audacity

I can’t lie, this book has parts in it that’s making me upset at the audacity of these characters. But all in all, I have yet to stop reading it so, that says something there.

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